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回答: 我怀疑布什在三场辩论的表现是一个相当高明的选战策略 由 根源 于 October 15, 2004 01:32:50:

of intellectual capability as Bush.

The goal of the horse story is to loose one and win two at the end. But Bush lost all 3 debates, so what is the analogy here?

Past history showed that no one gets elected after loosing 3 debates. I don't think the Republican thinkers dare to take the chance to loose any of the debate.

Whether the debate will improve the outcome of the election, that is entirely a different matter.

There are 19 days left. Democratic party already sent out emails for donation for the last TV campaign. Republican already started their nasty TV ads. If anything, Bush has the advantage of having "more money" and more exposure because he is the president.

The news this morning reported that Kerry had 1 or 2% lead in Ohio, a crucial swing state, after the debate. Don't underestimate the power of debate. After last election, Democrats will not make the same mistake this time. Three crucial swing states: PA, OH, and FL. Kerry had a small lead in PA and OH according to poll. Let's see how FL will turn out to be. Last time if it wasn't for the FL governor who's last name was also Bush, they wouldn't steal the election. This time, it will be harder for them to do any tricks. Democrats will closely watch them. News already came out that the electric voting machine overheated during testing...
We'll see what other kind of tricks they can play.



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